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Since returning from my trip to the West Coast, I’ve been going through quite the roller coaster, trying to figure out the next step. Invigorated by seeing a new part of the country, I started to quietly plan in my head a move to Seattle after falling in love with the city after I visited. I worked with a nonprofit based there, and met some cool people through it who were willing to hook me up with a hostel job if I decided to take the plunge. But, as life goes sometimes, that door didn’t want to open for me right now, so maybe later?!

After applying for a few jobs and internships in Chicago, I had a first, then second, interview with Red Frog Events. The job seeking continued after being sent a carbon-copy email from the year before when I interviewed with them and was rejected. Grr!

So, I’m on to bigger and better things! Right now, my heart is focused on getting a job at GiveForward, an awesome fundraising tool for people wanting to raise money for loved ones going through some type of medical crisis. I’m still waiting to hear back for the third and final interview, so cross your fingers for me! Oh, and here is the ridiculously cheesy (and humorous – at least to me) interview follow-up I made, which even made it’s way to Startups And Burritos: The Blog of Ethan, GiveForward’s Cofounder. Cool, right?! If GiveForward doesn’t work out, I’m considering teaching abroad for a year (which I’d still LOVE to do at some point, anyway). Any and all advice will be paid back in retweets and lots of love. :)

It seems crazy that it’s almost been an entire year I’ve been graduated from college. Trying to figure out what the next move is always seems daunting, but sometimes when you don’t know exactly what you want, it’s hard to put one foot in front of the other! But I guess a little action is better than no action. :) (Oh, wanderlust, how you make life so complicated sometimes.)

For all you 20somethings, what do you do when you can’t figure out what the next move is? How do you balance work and wanderlust? Sound off below!